Korean channels on PC, to watch BpRania live

Now you can turn your pc into an authentic television and for free, with the app for Windows 10 “TV online Univ”

So that you do not miss the live performances of BpRania we show you how to watch Korean channels

Once the application is downloaded from the Windows Store, we install it
We select Korea and other countries if you are interested, so that the list of channels

From EPG we can see the programming of each channel and ask Windows 10 to remind us the TV program we want to see, Windows10 will show us a notification and Cortana will remind us that the program is about to start!

BpRania will show up in Ariang and KBS

If you have doubts of configuration in Xbox One, Pc or Windows10 Mobile do not hesitate to leave your comments in this post, we will help you to configure it of correct form



Click on the Windows Store Icon to download the Application and watch BpRania live!