About us

Welcome to INGENIOmedia

INGENIOmedia is a audiovisual producer and disk label sit on Toledo, Spain.

We offer a wide range of services thought new technologies and systems four your company. From special advert services to a music label.

Communication is a huge factor for your customers, not only advertisements are required, without knowing how to reach public.

What is INGENIOmedia?

INGENIOmedia was born on 2009 centered on publicity and audiovisual/musical events. Artist management and music and video production.

Nowadays INGENIOmedia concentrates big added value on the musical sector. Allowing a full support to artists, producers, and other labels together to bring the best solution to our customers/artists.

We grow up a crew comming from TV, Radio, and others audiovisual sectors.

Since 2009 INGENIOmedia has bring to public knowledge several talented artists, and not only this, we made concerts and events for those artists including TV shows, and press events.
All of us are fully qualified to work in Europa, Latin america and U.S.A.

INGENIOmedia principal contacts

Irene Ballesteros Alcaim (London)


Tyrone Niddy Buckner (U.S)
President/Producer/International A&R/Consultant/ARTIST


Promotion and diffusion of events and performances of Billboard Entertainment Group LLC that INGENIOmedia manage in Spain.